Spreading love and joy through our gourmet mouthwatering fruits!

I am currently writing, sitting in my living room at 6:09 pm on a rainy Sunday evening in Boston. I was a full time senior at the University of Wisconsin, Madison just a few weeks ago. The keyword is “was”. Now I am trying to finish my degree remotely. I would love to thank the coronavirus for that. Although a lot of darkness and fear has come from this pandemic, new light has also shed. This light has been shining through the beautiful fungi kingdom. The organisms that are classified under this kingdom, in my opinion, do not gain enough attention that they truly deserve.

Fungi are interesting. A very common organism that is included in this kingdom is quite commonly seen in food markets - mushrooms. Mushrooms include over 10,000 different species. This is interesting because usually only the white buttons are found at local grocery stores. Isn’t it interesting that the produce and agriculture in markets usually contain a wide range of animal and plant products, but only one or two mushrooms? This question occurred to us over and over again. Due to our love for mushrooms, especially the ones that are not sold in stores, we were shocked because each type contains various flavors, as well as tons of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. So, we thought it was time to start sharing this light to the rest of the world.

Our conclusion was to develop our own mushroom farm. Through extensive research, it turns out that raising mushrooms is not as difficult as it may be perceived. Growing a garden in some one’s yard includes much more stress which can be due to waiting for countless months hoping that something has sprouted in order to be proud of the countless hours put into caring for it. Fortunately, mushrooms can be ready to eat from spawn to fruiting body in about four weeks. This fact in which we discovered rattled our minds. Why did we not think about growing our own mushrooms earlier? Not only do they produce quantity at a rapid pace, but they also are able to grow inside our home.

Our idea of creating The Hearty Mushroom Company thus came to life. We developed a beautiful home for our extraordinary diverse and healthy mushrooms. We grow them through loving care and compassion. They are nurtured until they provide us with evidence that they are ready to see the world somewhere else. Or, in our case, ship them to awaiting mouthwatering customers who have been waiting to taste these amazing fruits and truly discover the advantages to fungi in their daily diets.

Through our hard work and loving touch, we truly believe that The Hearty Mushroom Company is genuine and real. Our main goal is to grow and share organic, fresh, meaty mushrooms to our consumers and hopefully learn and grow from the entire process. The fungi kingdom deserves a shot where the plants and animals have been hogging for so long. We cannot wait to send you some tasty and healthy mushrooms in order for you to share this experience with us.